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Tips for creating landing page

Buttons of Call-to-Action should standout

Use the right call to action for your audience.

· Services - insert a phone number in addition to contact information.

· Products- important to have both “buy now” and “add to cart” buttons.

Credentials and trust indicators

This is one of the best things you can do to build trust with your visitors such as clients' recommendations and featured articles.


Images are the most important aspect of landing page design. Visitors first impressions are typically formed on sight alone. Users expect a clean, professional from the second they land.


The content of your landing page is all about the user. Visitors don’t want to know your life story or why your business is better than the rest. They want to know how to solve their problem. Keep the following in mind: Emphasize your core capabilities , be specific and find out what your users most common objections and address them.

A/B testing

Conduct A/ B testing on all of the above


Links to the most relevant page on your site and not the necessarily the home page.

Responsive Design

The number of visitors from smartphone is increasing dramatically.

Responsive design ensures that your landing page looks perfect on every device and buttons are big enough for clicking.

Keep it above the fold

The space visitor visitors see without having to scroll is where the important parts of the webpages should be

Loading Time

The loading time has a very strong and direct relationship with your conversion rate.


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