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4 rules of thumbs for designing your homepage

1. Create a design strategy

Take the time to create a detailed design strategy before jumping into the web designing process. Pick out a few essential features to become part of your website vision. To do this, ask yourself a few questions: what overall message do you want to convey? What features will make you stand out? What kind of features does your audience want to see? Make a list of these features and use them to create a strong sense of focus in your design.

2. Create a Homepage that Reflects Your Physical Theme

The most successful marketing reflects brand consistency. Select a design, template, color scheme, logo, etc. very carefully. You not only want these elements to reflect your product or service, you also need them to remain consistent across all platforms.

3. Keep it simple

Keep your homepage simple. The page should communicate your product or service either with a stand-out image or a simple slogan. Your homepage should elicit a positive reaction from your visitors, not confuse them with flash and clutter. It's a sound principle in many things and also critical for designing websites on a budget.

4. links to relevant information

A rule of thumb is- about, product, contact us, news/ blog. In other words, people need to know what your business is all about and how to contact you.


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